The Studio

You are locked inside Pamela's studio!

Pamela may be getting on a bit but she leads an active life. Her passion is solving problems and her studio reflects her interest in all types of puzzles.

However, she is well aware that she is becoming increasingly forgetful so she leaves herself clues to help her in her daily activities. Being very conscious of security, she uses codes to keep them secure. Which is a good thing for you because she forgot that you were staying in her studio when, on a whim, she left for a short break, securing the studio before she set off.

All the clues you need to escape from the studio are around you.

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Given Pam's age, some of her clues might refer to people of events that happened a while ago - so you might need a little help from Google (other online search engines are available.)

Click on the edge of a wall to move around the room and click on objects to see what they do.


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