About eScape-room.UK

eScape-room.UK is a portal for online Escape Rooms developed by Learning Connections, a UK business which has been producing online education resources for over 20 years.

In 2020 we rebuilt Quest of Nine, a free mathematical problem-solving challenge aimed at providing revision materials for Year 7 pupils.

This process (and the Covid 19 lockdown) spurred the development of The Studio, our first problem-solving challenge aimed at adults. This was quickly followed by The Bunker and, most recently, The Beach. Other titles are currently under development.

eScape-room.UK challenges are best tackled by a group of three or more people using Zoom or a similar system, where one person can drive the game and share their screen with the rest of the group.

Although we are a UK-based business, the themes and references used in the challenges are universal.


All of the rooms and most of the artifacts depicted in the challenges have been developed in house. In addition we have made use of copyright-free online resources from

  • Unsplash - The internet’s source of freely-usable images.
  • Freesound - collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.
  • PngGuru - freely-usable PNG clipart images
  • Keith Hemsley - original paintings and drawings

With a particular mention to King Things for a tapestry font and to The Fridge Corner for a lovely drawing of a lion.